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To produce a quality bearing that assures maximum dependability and service life,

production must start with the best quality casting.

Washington Iron Works bronze and aluminum bearings are produced using quality castings from our own foundry. A continuous quality assurance procedure tracks each melt, a precise mixture of new ingots and internally generated chips / remnants, through the centrifugal casting process, heat treatment “Aluminum” rough machining and inspection.



On-site services & capabilities: WIW has been the bench mark in field service for over 100 years as a pioneer in the development of equipment and procedures for cost effective and reliable results.

Crankpins, Flywheel Fits (Straight & Tapered) as well as other applications.

Align boring of mainframes, cylinders, etc.

Keyway machining along with many other milling capabilities.

Equipment alignment & run out detection - correction procedures.


WIW produces bronze back babbitt bearings & bronze bushings in standard and custom sizes.


WIW also produces aluminum bearings &  bushings in standard and custom sizes


  WIW produces in our own foundry high quality centrifugally cast aluminum and bronze in a wide range of diameters and lengths. Our in house lab assures constant quality and compliance with material specifications.















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